Eager to compose images since the beginning.
Charmed by visual arts, intrigued by human observation.
Empathy-driven, in spite of.


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Lost in Varanasi

A colorful mandala designed by gestures, rituals, faces and eyes.

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concept intimate moody 
28th March 2020 by mm_admin 

Milan, march 2020: quarantine mood.

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people parading with signs
people scenes 
white label.
3rd March 2019 by Marco Martinelli 

I don’t understand men hating other men, help me understand.

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street travel Uncategorised 
in the mood for love.
15th January 2019 by Marco Martinelli 

Colors, lips & noodles.

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It has to do with seeing the moment, anticipate it, dancing with it.
Being a part of it. Paying attention as a tribute, accomplishing an act of witnessing.

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