The Shooting Project that makes you comfortable.

Sofa So Good Project

A sofa, a light, and the longing of playing with one’s own looks getting rid of all inhibitions: that’s all it takes to turn Sofa So Good Project’s set on. Sat and well at ease people easily face the camera becoming unaware actors of a play directed by the photographers.

Sofa So Good Project’s staff is able to adapt to different contexts, both private and public, its crew can change in numbers according to necessities. The photo shoot set is easily assembled and adjustable to different fits. While the event is running Sofa So Good offers both a photo shoot set and a pleasant entertainment for every context.
Due to its peculiarity Sofa So Good can be wheter the event’s main attraction or one of the several offers of a bigger event. Staff and set’s versatility enable the project to add everytime new elements according to the customer’s aesthetic and commercial needs, in order to guarantee an everytime new and original style, and also a strong brand identity to become loyal to.

Sofa So Good Project for brands

Sofa So Good Project is not only a professional photo shooting set, it’s an original framework of entertainment that creates funny and unique pictures, a way to turn wheter a private event or a night in a club into a special long-lasting occasion. Sofa So Good Project is a brand born to make the most of the web and of social networks, open to several creative and commercial solutions.

Sofa So Good, an original wedding present

Sofa So Good Project can likewise be an original wedding present where the couple and its guests can enjoy a peculiar get-togheter while celebrating, a gallery of ever lasting memories.

The staff will provide you with the live performance, and an accurate digital selection of the shooting giving special attention to pictures quality, aesthetics and originality.

Follow our motto:
find us, and just be.